Sico Policies

For every organization smooth functioning and growth some rules and guidelines are must to walk on ahead so as to ensure no wrong acts are conducted by organization members and the track taken upon is heading towards the right destination.

Similarly, some norms and policies have been formed which are like guidelines for every member of SICO to follow, which are as below –

  1. Core Team will take major decisions.
  2. Members Registrations are strictly reference based.
  3. New member will be inducted into the organization only after voting process in which 2/3 rd votes should be in favour of new member.
  4. For member who is required to be omitted from the organization due to some erroneous act needs to have 2/3 voting of members in general meetings held.
  5. Meetings structure of SICO is defined as to be held on every 2nd Saturday Morning 9.00 am to 11.00 am.
  6. Every meet / event conducted should have pre-planning of its agendas and motto.
  7. For dissolving the association 2/3 members voting needed in dissolution favour.
  8. The existing funds of organization at time of dissolution will be handed over in some charity.