SICO Benefits

SICO gives its associated members, the wide exposure to disparate experiences and discussions that undergo between the meets conducted and thus helps bringing a perceptible change in their work place and methodology.

The members gathering together can get to know new developments coming into the industry, its pros and cons, and benefits of their implementation in own business and thus be aware of running market trends and walk ahead with fast running technology world.

The various seminars and workshops help members to muster more knowledge and improvise in their skills and weak areas of their business. The healthy discussions on hot topics in different sectors of business like Operations, HR, Marketing, etc. help to flaunt ones track and approach towards the same. The new concepts, strategies and solutions as per experiences of others help members to block and tackle their day to day issues and challenges faced in business smooth functioning.

The combined cultural and social activities carried on even helps the small to large business give their team a wide exposure towards self development and growth which gets very difficult to implement on small team basis.

Overall, SICO members run ahead with a belief that walking together hand-in-hand can help all bloom and flourish more extensive and broader spectrum rather than walking alone and will even bring a uniformity in IT industry of Surat.